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Becca is an Illustrator/ pop culture junkie who wishes to be whisked away in the TARDIS by the 9th Doctor. Becca approves of William Shatner's singing career, adores Bettie Page & admires Isaac Asimov's wit.

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Ok so April and I have been seeing all these COMPLAINTS about how “unrealistic” and “sexist” comic books are in the way they portray women and their bodies.

WELL we have decided that you are all crazy feminists and there is nothing wrong with how women are drawn in comic books.

So to prove this we have decided to show you that not only are women portrayed realistically in comics, but we do most of these so called “impossible” and “ridiculous” poses on a daily basis just by naturally going about our buisness. 

And if THIS doesn’t convince you, just wait ‘til next week! We plan to post a new picture each Wednesday and friday. And if you think that this is some sort of joke or that this is not how we perform tasks on a daily basis, then fuck you! You don’t know our lives.

We DEFY you to find a pose that we don’t do on normal, average day…..come at us bro!